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Eyelash Extensions at Prép Beauty Parlour

Before Your First Lash Appointment II | Prép Beauty Parlour

So you’ve seen our last post here and you think you know everything there is to know about lash extensions..right? Nope! There’s more! And don’t you worry, we’ll be walking you through that today! Today we’ll be going over the different types of lash curls and lengths, as well as styles and which shape would […]

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Glad Lash Coloured Lashes Prép Beauty Parlour

Coloured Lash Extensions in Vancouver! | Prép Beauty Parlour

We ended 2016 with tons of fun and funky beauty trends! Such as chrome nails, holographic lippies, glow in the dark hair and even coloured mascara! So what if we told you, that we at Prép are welcoming the 2017 year with coloured eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are all the rave! They’re low maintenance, look […]

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Lashes by Alisha

Food for LASHES | Prép Beauty Parlour

As all ladies should know, Proper consumption of healthy foods and a maintained diet is essential for naturally glowy skin and keeping our luscious locks well- luscious! But what many ladies don’t know, is that similarly to foods that affect our hair growth, the foods we eat also have an effect on our lashes! We […]

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