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Borboleta has been known to be one of the top providers of quality lash care products, lash extension supplies, as well as professional and lash extension specialist certification. By becoming one certified through one of their classic sessions, we can assure even beautiful lashes than before with more techniques! We had so much fun at the training session and are ecstatic to be able to use our newfound techniques and skills into transforming your lashes! We are so excited to be able to use some of their famous products! One of our favourites? The Borboletta bubble! With this, we are able to create beautiful Russian Volume lash sets at the blink of a perfectly lashed eye! Just a quick recap, any set labeled: “Russian Volume” Eyelash Extensions should mean that it has been handmade and is composed of many very, very light fans. At Prép, we offer 2 types of lash sets that are either full or contain Russian Volume fans mixed with Classic lashes. For our Full Russian Volume sets, a fan composed of 2-4 (or more) lashes is attached to every single one of your natural eyelashes. We also offer a Mixed Russian & Classic set in which there are fans as as classic lashes (one individual synthetic lash to one natural lash). Russian Volume lashes are perfect for those who want fluffy and dramatic lashes, but personally have very sparse lashes. They create the illusion of thicker and more voluminous lashes. Glam! (We do not recommend receiving a dramatic set (Whether it be classic or Volume if you have very thin natural lashes).

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To book an appointment, give us a call at 604-764-6452, or send us a quick email at! No time to call? Book online on your watch by clicking HERE! We look forward to giving you glamorously fabulous lashes! ♡ Prép Beauty Parlour is located at 1305 Burrard Street in beautiful downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize […]

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Best Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour

Types of Eyelash Extensions Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

It’s that time again where everybody is resorting to our favourite summer beauty essential- Lash Extensions! Why? It’s low maintenance, looks great, and semi- permanent! No more frazzled late mornings, or worrying about that mascara dripping down your face during those yoga sessions in Yaletown (Disclaimer! Remember to wait a full 48 hours for your lash […]

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Best Russian Volume 3D Lashes Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Russian Volume Lash Extensions Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Eyelash extensions have been all the rave all year, and is definitely on our Summer #MUST-HAVE list! They’re amazing for the hot weather, where you can enjoy the nice summer breeze on the beaches of Kitsilano, and go swimming all you want at English Bay! (Click here to read more about showing some summer lash love!). For […]

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