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Prép Beauty Parlour is proud to announce that we will now be carrying and offering YUMI™ products as well as services! We are so excited to be part of the YUMI™ family and provide more services to cater to all of your needs! Now let’s move on and explain what the hype with the YUMI™ Lash Treatment is!

For starters, any YUMI™ Lash Lift with Keratin Treatment can only be performed by a certified YUMI™ technician. The process is similar to our regular lash lift (Keep reading to learn about the process!), however, the revolutionary YUMI™ is designed to have greater benefits to natural lashes with minimal to no damageBest YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour.

What’s the process of a lash lift you ask? Although it may sounds scary, a lash lift is essentially a painless and safe way to semi- permanently curl your lashes! It’s perfect for ladies who fear the lash curler (guilty!!), have lush, long lashes that droop down, or just any ladies that love the way their lashes look curled! A lash lift eliminates the need to curl your lashes every morning, leaving you to wake up with already curled lashes! Flawless! For more on lash lifts, click HERE!

Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

The process is simple. Your Prép technician will prep the surface and lay a gel pad to ensure none of the solution will touch your skin, baby lashes, etc. A silicon bump is then laid on top for your top lashes to sit on top. The larger the bump– the bigger and looser the curl and vice versa! It should last you from 4-6+ (We have gotten 12 weeks too!) weeks depending on your natural lashes and lash cycle!

So what is the difference with YUMI™? YUMI™ lift uses advanced technology and technique to lift all of the lashes individually. This allows your lashes to appear longer, fuller, and darker!

What does it mean when you get a YUMI™ lash lift? Unlike lash extensions, you don’t have to worry about getting fills, removals, or any touch- up treatments! There is no maintenance, no parabens, and no harsh chemicals!

Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

After receiving the treatment we ask that you don’t touch water for at least 24-48 hours. After, you can proceed to go swimming, play sports, enter a sauna, and still continue to use makeup and eye creams that contain oils! With the YUMI™ lashes, you are able to sleep in any position without worrying about your lashes crimping, wash your face- using cotton pads directly on the eye

Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

♡YUMI Lash Lift & Tint for  $135 (Reg. $150!)♡

♡YUMI™ Lash Lift for $120 (Reg. $135!) ♡

These prices are Prép’s Grand Opening Special and are only available until May 31st, so book fast!

You can call OR text us at 604-764-6452 to book!


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