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Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Let’s talk lashes. More importantly, let’s talk the YUMI™ lash lift. Spring & Summer are right around the corner, and so are those beach dates!

The YUMI™ lash lift is perfect for those who love spending time in the water or gym frequently as you don’t have to worry about using specific face washes after (such as the lash extensions). It’s also the best lash enhancement option for ladies who love their natural lashes look when they’re curled.

Today we are going to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about lash lifts! If any of your questions aren’t answered, feel free to email us at! Let’s get started!

Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour
1. How long does it last?

The lash lift should last anywhere from 6-8+ weeks! Sometimes even 12 depending on your natural lash cycle and how fast your lashes shed and grow out! However, some ladies with grown out lashes may notice odd kinks- to solve this, we recommend applying the 3D Keratin Lash conditioner. This conditioner not only has keratin in it, but also conditions and keeps your lashes healthy and shiny!

2. Who is best suited for the YUMI™ lash lift?

The YUMI™ lash lift is suited for those who have strong, healthy lashes! If you have weaker or thinner lashes, we recommend you try out the lash growth serum EYENVY, to grow and strengthen your lashes before the procedure for best results! For those lucky ladies with long and strong natural lashes, the lash lift can look comparable to eyelash extensions!

Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour3. Can pregnant ladies get the YUMI™ lift?

Yes! The YUMI™ lash treatment is 100% safe for new moms! However the new hormones surrounding the pregnancy may hinder the YUMI™ products from completely performing the service. If you decide to go ahead with the YUMI™ treatment, please do so at your own discretion, and understand there may be no effect on the natural lashes. (Unfortunately due to store policy, Prép Beauty Parlour is unable to offer full refunds for any lash services).

4. How should I prep for my service?

Before your appointment, please refrain from using any eye makeup or remove it before you come to your appointment. This it to avoid any extra added sensitivity surrounding the eye area.

For 24 hours prior, we also ask that you avoid using any growth or lash serums as this may cause the lashes to not lift during the service.

5. Can I get the YUMI™ treatment while I still have lash extensions on?

Unfortunately as the treatment is an enhancement on your natural lashes, the lash extensions will get in the way of the treatment. We also do not want to be adding the perm solution to any synthetic lashes!

Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

6. Can I get lash extensions while I have the YUMI™ lash lift?

Yes and no. Getting a lash lift if you naturally have stick straight, or super curly lashes can help get your natural lashes into a good ‘curve’ and make it easier to apply lash extensions. However if you have naturally long lashes, then get extensions after the lash lift treatment, your natural lashes will be too curvy for the synthetic lash to be applied.

7. Is the treatment vegan friendly?

Yes! The YUMI™ lash lift treatment is vegan, non toxic, hypo allergenic, paraben frees cruelty free, and formaldehyde free!

Best YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty ParlourBest YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty ParlourBest YUMI™ Lash Treatment Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Any more questions? Email us!

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