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Prép Beauty Parlour Bella Lash Extensions Aftercare


Prép Beauty Parlour Bella Lash Extensions Aftercare

One of the most important parts to keeping lashes looking fresh and full, is aftercare. Using the proper products whether it be make up remover or facial cleanser can create a huge impact on the longevity of your lashes. Thankfully, Prép Beauty Parlour has you covered! Bella Lash has created and come out with many products that will be sure to extend the life of your beautiful lashes, and limit your visits to get fills! (Though it is safe to say we will miss your pretty face!!) Let’s give you a quick walk through on all of our current favourites and lash aftercare products!

Prép Beauty Parlour Bella Lash Extensions Aftercare


One of Prép Beauty Parlour’s favourite Bella product in which we use after each lash nap is the IntelliSeal. Essentially, the IntelliSeal- as mentioned in it’s name, seals your lashes. Think of it as the top coat and the cuticle oil at the end of the well deserved manicure. Voted ‘Best of Product in 2016’ by LNE Spa & Magazine, it also helps to cure the lash adhesive and conditions your natural lashes. The stronger your natural lashes are, the better the bonding life of the extensions.

Prép Beauty Parlour Bella Lash Extensions Aftercare


We love our lash extensions, why? Because it gives us that amazing oomph in both length and volume with little effort! Pop a little bit of concealer on those under eyes, our favourite shimmery eyeshadow, highlight, bronze up, and we’re good to go! So how do we go abouts safely removing all of that product off without damaging or pulling our lashes? Many make up removers on the market contain nourishing oils that will only cause our lashes to fall out quicker. This is why our favourite go-to is the Bella Lash Cleanser! It is gentle, completely oil-free, and make just for eyelash extension wearers! Not only is it the best lash cleanser to remove our make up with, but it also contains Chamomile and Saponaria extracts that nourish the natural lashes! Come in & pick up a bottle!

Prép Beauty Parlour Bella Lash Extensions Aftercare


Another cleanser Prép carries is the Bella Deep Cleanser. We typically do not recommend using a mascara no eyelash extensions safe as it can be very difficult and damaging to remove. Luckily, we do have another cleanser for you know, those “I NEED” mascara days. This formula has a thicker consistency and works harder to remove any mascara residue from Sephora or eyelash extension safe mascara. All without damaging the bond between the extensions! The best thing about this deep cleanser for lashes is that it has added moisturizers and vitamins that help to condition and strengthen your lashes as well as the sensitive area around your eye.

Let us know what YOUR favourite after care products are and how you like to keep your lashes looking fabulous! To read about Prép’s recommendations for keep those lashes perfect during the hot and humid weather, click HERE!
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