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Glad Lash Coloured Lashes Prép Beauty Parlour
Glad Lash Coloured Lashes Prép Beauty Parlour

Glad Lash Coloured Lashes Prép Beauty Parlour

We ended 2016 with tons of fun and funky beauty trends! Such as chrome nails, holographic lippies, glow in the dark hair and even coloured mascara! So what if we told you, that we at Prép are welcoming the 2017 year with coloured eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are all the rave! They’re low maintenance, look amazing, and feel amazing! Eyelash extensions are a fabulous way to up your make-up game and to prepare you for the day’s work with little to no prep time in front of your vanity. But have you ever wanted to spice up your lash game? 

We highly do not recommend applying mascaras that are not lash extensions safe to your lashes as many mascaras in drugstores have chemicals that will damage the bond and will wreck your natural lashes and the synthetic lashes upon removal. So what do we have in store for you today?

Glad Lash Coloured Lashes Prép Beauty Parlour

Vibrant mix of purple and pink coloured lashes to give a more glamorous look!

Take one, take two, are those coloured eyelashes?! Introducing the latest 2017 trend, COLOURED EYELASH EXTENSIONS! Prép is excited to offer a new addition to our eyelash extensions service that will better serve you! With these premium synthetic mink lashes, the contrast in these vibrant colours can bring out the true colour of your gorgeous eyes, making them pop. Only wanting a subtle look? Not to worry, Glad Lash has a range of colours that can blend in naturally with your natural lashes, giving it a subtle pop!

Glad Lash Coloured Lashes Prép Beauty Parlour

Your trained Prép lash technician will go over the colours with you to find the perfect shade to your liking! You can even pick from multiple colour pairs such as pink and purple to work together to look fabulous! Gently and with precision, our lash technicians at Prép will build dimensions and shapes individually with each coloured lash, mixing it with naturally coloured lashes give an exciting and bold look.

Similar to regular eyelash extensions, coloured lashes are applied individually onto each natural eyelash and can be mixed in along with our royal lash sets as well. They are perfect for those who like to have a fun night out with the girlfriends but have to be back in the office by the a.m.! 

Check out these fabulous coloured lashes here!


Glad Lash Coloured Lashes Prép Beauty Parlour

A more subtle coloured lash look created using dark blue coloured lashes.

Intrigued? Got questions? Call us at 604-764-6452 to book for your appointment and receive these beautiful coloured lashes!

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