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As a little girl, which one of us didn’t love Ariel from the Little Mermaid? Answer? None of us. We all absolutely adored her. Her luscious garnet hair, and her beautifully shiny & scaly tail. So if you’re a lover of all things majestic and dreamlike, then you’ll find yourself in love with the nails we will be showcasing today! Today’s #nailinspo features a few of our favourite summer mermaid & unicorn nails! Complete with pastel scales, holo, and of course, and unicorn horns!

So what exactly makes a fairy tale fantasy well, a fantasy?  Several key factors, read below!:

♡1- Glitter. So. Much. Glitter! Not only does it make the perfect accent nail, but who doesn’t love glitter? Just one shade of glitter (our favourite is silver!), can add so much fun to a set! It is the perfect balance between getting a safe, neutral set of nails, and art-on-every-finger set! Just one simple colour glitter to completely jazz up your set! Whether it be ombre, sheer glitter, or a full opaque coat, whatever it is- we’ll take it!

♡2- Glass nails- Shattered nails became one of the top trends in Korean nail styles just recently. It is simple, yet so mesmerizing and captivating. You can add them to your entire nail, or just a few small detailed pieces to add subtle art. The iridescent reflection it creates completely satisfies our ‘Fairy Tale Fantasy’ Nail add-on check list!

♡3- Mermaid Scales- What is a set of little mermaid nails without the scales? Reflective, shiny, and the perfect last touch to really bring out your love for the sea!  Whether they are carefully drawn on, or created using nail art deco stickers, this is an accent nail to you will for shore love! ( ;)! )

♡4- Watercolour- Simple, yet so beautiful. With watercolour, you can picture yourself swimming through the deep sea with the mermaids and baby dolphins, or running through the colours of the wind with your unicorn! Watercolour effect can be created using an abundant of colours and mixing them into a dreamy palette. They are also so versatile as you can add designs or deco on top or create ombre watercolour! The possibilities are endless

♡5- Unicorn Horn- Okay, who has dreamed of having a pet unicorn when they were younger? Literally every little girl. With hard gel, we are able to sculpt out unicorn horn-like designs on your nail! Adding that extra touch and getting you  one step closer to petting that unicorn!

Check out all of Prép’s fairy nails down below! Which one’s your favourite?

Just dying to get your hands transformed into a magical wonderland? Call us at 604-764-6452 or email us at info@prepbeautyparlour.com to book your dream summer gel mani with us!

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