Lashes by Alisha

Lashes by Alisha

As all ladies should know,

Proper consumption of healthy foods and a maintained diet is essential for naturally glowy skin and keeping our luscious locks well- luscious! But what many ladies don’t know, is that similarly to foods that affect our hair growth, the foods we eat also have an effect on our lashes! We at Prép are absolutely infatuated with our eyelash extensions, but this should not and definitely does not mean we have to neglect our natural lashes! Through some research, we have found a list of foods that will improve your lash cycles and growth! Here is a little break down on each of the important food groups that can rejuvenate and increase longevity as well as appearance of our hair, skin, and LASHES!


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Disclaimer: Please consult a qualified health professional regarding health conditions or concerns and before ingesting the suggested foods noted below. The following information should be considered as our perspective through our own bodies and experiences and should not be construed as guarantee.

First, the VITAMINS! There are many compounds in our body that are vital for us to operate, and although our bodies are capable of producing many vitamins, there are also ones that we produce less of and thus can make up for it through the intake of vitamins! Here are the following vitamins and their uses on producing and constructing gorgeous lashes and skin:

  • Vitamin E- Vitamin E is essential as an antioxidant whose role is to repair as well as build tissue. It encourages hair and lash growth by repairing follicles and reducing any inflammation. Vitamin E is also found in many sun screens, anti-aging and lotions for dry skin products as it aids your skin in protecting and retaining it’s natural oils.

Foods high in Vitamin E include: Olive oil (Excellent hair masks!), Kale, Almonds

  • Vitamin C- Our bodies form collagen with the help of Vitamin C. Collagen is used in many cosmetic procedures and products as it is the main protein located in skin and tissue. It plays a role in strength and elasticity of your skin as well as lashes.
  • Foods high in Vitamin C include: Citrus fruits, Broccoli, Bell Peppers


  • Vitamin B- Vitamins play a vital role in maintaining metabolism. Essentially, Vitamin B is the “oil” that keeps our bodies running smoothly. Aside from metabolism regulation, Vitamin B is also found to strengthen and condition lashes during each cycle and hair.
  • Foods high in Vitamin B include: Fish, Meat, Poultry, as well as some fortified cereals.


  • Vitamin H (Biotin)- Popular in many beauty supplements, biotin is often used to encourage growth of hair and nails. As the building blocks of carbohydrates, fats and protein (amino acids), it is a vital vitamin help strengthen nails and hair
  • Foods high in Vitamin H include: Bread, Pork, Peanuts

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Protein builds muscle, but having big triceps and quads won’t help with our lash and skin health! So why is this important? Well a special kind of protein is known as keratin. Not only does it protect our epithelial cells from stress, it is also the key component that makes up hair and skin! Keratin is often infused in many hair products to help strengthen and coat the hair. Similarly, keratin can be used to build and nourish stronger lashes!

  • Foods that contain protein include: Steak, Eggs, Whey Protein

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As weird as it may sound, if you often find yourself with little hair loss situations, iron deficiency may be the culprit! When you don’t have enough iron in your body, your body will go in to it’s most basic functions mode. Meaning keeping your luscious locks might not be as important as other vital organ functions! Low iron levels mean hair loss which ultimately mean lash lost too!

  • Foods that contain iron include Spinach, Beans, and Peas.
nails by kiyomi

nails by kiyomi

Lastly, calcium! Calcium is another essential food that every beauty queen should be eating! OK! So maybe ice cream might not be too bad if it helps…right? Although calcium is not the sole secret ingredient to hair growth, it does make an impact on your hair ( and lashes!) if there is an imbalance. Aside found in teeth and bones, calcium is also found in hair follicles. Balanced calcium level means healthier follicles, which translate to healthier lashes and hair!

  • Foods that contain calcium include Milk, Yogourt, Cheese, Ice Cream (!!!!!!!)

Got any more questions or comments? Be sure to leave them all below! Happy eating ladies!


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