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Nails by Kiyomi | Prép Beauty Parlour

Nails by Kiyomi | Prép Beauty Parlour

Since the dawn of literally FOREVER, Japan has been the hotspot and leader in fashion, hairstyle, and our personal favourite, NAIL ART!

Often cute and quirky, Japanese nail art is unique and fun to have on your nails. Styles often use geometric patterns, negative space, stickers, or hand drawn art. Eccentric nail art is a MUST-HAVE fashion accessory to amp up your next gel manicure appointment!

No time to drop in for your gel mani? Not to fret! We have the perfect idea to bring the art to you! Below we will be showing you how to recreate the design as listed above!

Prép Beauty Parlour is home to many talented and creative nail technicians (as well a lash techs and make-up artists of course!), and today our very own nail technician Kiyomi will be recreating a cute style of nail art!

Kiyomi is a nail technician who studied Japanese nail art in well– Japan! She is always full of creative ideas and we are more than happy to have the trends in Japan be brought into our very own salon!

Kiyomi Nail Tech

Kiyomi Nail Tech

This will be the nail art look that we are recreating! Let’s Begin!


Difficulty Level: ♥♥♡♡♡


♥Nail Brushes



♥Top & Base hard gel (or polish!) Ours is from Azkentz

♥ OPTIONAL: White gel colour

Get your gel pots ready!

Get your gel pots ready!

Step 1: Prép your nail!

Step 2: Base coat of hard gel!


Step 3: Remember to cure your nils in a UV/LED light after each coat or layer!

Remember to cure your nils in a UV/LED light after each coat or layer!

Remember to cure your nils in a UV/LED light after each coat or layer!

Step 4: Mix and apply Luminous Blossom to the ring and pinky fingers!


Step 5: Mix and apply Teal Drop to the pointer and thumb

Mix Mix Mix Mix!

Mix Mix Mix Mix!



Step 6: Using Teal Drop, carefully carve out the outline design as shown below on the . img_0995 img_0996 img_0997

Step 7: Fill in the outline to darken up the colour and increase it’s opacity.


Step 8: On the same fingers, carve the outline as you did with TEAL DROP but use LUMINOUS BLOSSOM on opposing sides like so..REMEMBER TO CURE BETWEEN EACH LAYER!

img_1001-copy img_1001

Step 9: Take a thicker and denser brush (like the one we use for our eyebrows, ladies!) And darken TEAL DROP and LUMINOUS BLOSSOM again- REMEMBER TO CURE BETWEEN EACH LAYER!

img_1002 img_1003

Step 10:  We decided to add a little bit of line art to finish up the look, first, draw a triangle at the base, followed by a straight line.

Step 11: Apply a shine or matte top coat if desired!

Step 12: Using rubbing alcohol on a lint-free pad, wipe off the inhibition layer.


Step 13: Clean up any edges, file the shape a little to fit to perfection!


Finished! Now you can flaunt your cute DIY nails! We’re in love! Stay tuned for more future DIYS!


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