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Summer is FINALLY on it’s way! (Or so our calendar says… Vancouver weather says otherwise..), so what does this mean?

It means beaches, deep forest adventures, late night bonfires, and morning jogs at the seawall of course! With all of these activities, plus our vitamin-D giving friend Mr. Sun, wearing strip lashes the entire day is a big no-n0. Why? Not only is it uncomfortable to wear strip lashes all day, but just imagine that mascara running down your cheeks on the hot summer day! Absolutely dreadful!

Best Eyelash Extensions Vancouver| Prép Beauty Parlour

Our solution? Nothing other than to treat yourself to a new set of fluffy lashes! Unlike strip lashes, lash extensions are completely waterproof, fool proof- allowing you to enjoy your favourite summer activities at ease! Many of you might ask, “so how can I keep them looking their best even through my sweaty  runs?”, don’t ever fret, your local bestie, Prép team is here to guide you through a long summer of sunset escapes!

Best Eyelash Extensions Vancouver| Prép Beauty Parlour

1Okay, but regardless of whether you’re diving in and out of the pool or not, always cleanse and rinse your lashes! Rinsing your lashes gets rid of the buildup that’s been living on them- aka, dust, pollutants, makeup (if you’re a sneaky mascara wearer!!!). Not only does it cause your lashes to fall out faster, but can also cause very nasty blepharitis! Particularly in the summer, we strongly recommend that you cleanse your lashes after swimming! This is where chlorine, salts, and other chemicals will cause even more build up than usual!


Summer means tons of bonfires and creating moments near the ocean! Camp songs, selfies, everything seems great! Until you get too near the fire! Since your lash extensions are made of a synthetic material, the ends will look burnt and crinkly if too close to the heat! The same thing goes for those family BBQ nights!

3It is always important to remember that a big part of making sure your lashes last, is to take proper care of them! Besides cleansing daily, this also means to brush them everyday with your spoolie to remove all the build up of dust that might have collected on your lashes! It also helps to brush from the top down to remove any tangles your lashes might have ended up in.

4If you’re like us and like to wear make-up on top of your lash extensions to give it that extra kabam, we would highly recommend you only use our Volume Touch Mascara. Since it is made and formulated for lash extensions, it is free of oils and calls for a easy removal! If you want to wear eyeliner as well as other make- up, we would say to use only oil free makeup, as well as eyeshadow or powder makeup! Just remember, oil and lash extensions are not friends!


Lastly, but never, ever least- sunscreen! Wearing sun screen is a definite MUST! It is super important to protect our skin from UV rays to prevent skin cancer as well as wrinkles and fine lines caused by overexposure of the sun. So yes- it is important to wear sunscreen while we’re enjoying fun summer activities, but how do our lashes like it? Again, as long as it is an oil free sun screen- feel free to use all the sunscreen you want at your disposal!

Best Eyelash Extensions Vancouver| Prép Beauty Parlour

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