Lash Hack: Cheap Falsies to Wispy “Mink” Lashes

The internet is always coming out with fun and sometimes quirky makeup trends! Like the silisponge, and chome nails! 

Recently there was a ‘makeup hack’ that surfaced on Facebook where a user brushed her synthetic lashes and transformed them into beautiful ‘mink like’ wispy lashes!

Makeup hack cheap lashes to mink | Prép Beauty Parlour

The video makeup artist Makeup artist Paloma Garcia shared had over 11 million views!

With all this excitement, we decided to try this little hack out to see if it really works! 

First, we picked a pair of falsies, we tried a few pairs, the best outcome were the ones that look a little more dramatic with either clumps or criss-cross patterns. The natural sets didn’t change much after the brushing. 

Second, we brushed the lashes side to side with a spoolie (you can also use a clean mascara wand or a brow spoolie), and then brushed them from top to bottom every so often to straighten the lashes out.

Here are our results!

So what did you think? Let us know your comments below and if you tried this hack, send us your photos to, we would love to see all the variations with different lashes!

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