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If you’re like us at Prép, then you know all about our love for our GO-TOs, Anastasia, Bobbi, and Stila! That’s right ladies! Today we are talking EYEBROWS! And YES, we do love our goodies from Sephora, but today we have some more even exciting abrowzing news to tell you! 👀 👀  Ladies! Prép Beauty Parlour would like to formally introduce Cosmetic Tattooing! With all this rave about cosmetic tattoo, and in particular, microblading, we get the famous questions– what IS it really?

Simply put, microblading– is a form of cosmetic tattoo. Although semi-permanent, it is still a process of inking. Meaning that colour pigments are implanted beneath the first layer of your skin. There are more than one type of tattooing for eyebrows, the other type being ombré or powdered tattoo, but today we will be diving into the specific microblading! Microbladed brows are created with the use of sterile and disposable needles (of course!). Your Prép technician will use a hand tool to create realistic looking brow hairs that will blend naturally into your brows.

Our new Prép technician, Vicky N, is here with us today to answer some of the most frequently asked questions! Let’s goooooooo!

Does it Hurt?

One of the most frequently asked questions are, Does It Hurt? As it is still a type of tattooing, yes, we will be honest, it will hurt! But will it hurt a lot? Subjective! Although some ladies would rate it a 4-5 on a pain level of 1-10! During the tattooing process, topical numbing creams and ointments would be applied to lessen the pain- some don’t feel a thing!

How Long Will It Take to Heal?

Healing time varies with different people- however, generally people will notice change between 7-10 days. After your initial appointment, your new brows will continue to darken over the next 2-3 days. Like a normal tattoo, scabbing will begin on day 5, and should be gone by day 10 (no scratching or picking!!). The true colour of your brows should appear approximately after 3-4 weeks! So if some of the brows are looking light– don’t worry! Just wait it out! Vicky tells us that brows will lighten between 30-50% by the time it is fully healed!

Is it Permanent?

Although it is a tattooing procedure, a touch-up is required and recommended 6-8 weeks after your initial visit! Lucky for you- Prép queens receive a complimentary touch-up if it is booked within 6-8 weeks!! For best results, we recommend our clients to come for their touch- up o we can ‘tweak’ any sparse areas on the brow that didn’t retain colour properly! Additional touch up sessions after the 6-8 week period are of separate charge. Please call us at 604-764-6452 or email us at info@prepbeautyparlour.com for more info!


Remember ladies! Microblading IS a form of tattoo after all! Proper after care & maintenance is required to keep them looking as bold as Cara Delevigne’s! Vicky warns all ladies not to work out or get them wet for the duration of the first week! It is crucial to keep them dry and not contaminated or touched by elements. Such as the sun, facial treatments, etc! Just until all of the scabs have naturally– (note we said naturally!) fallen off! Prép will give you essential ointments and of course, more after care instructions to ensure your brows stay bold!

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at info@prepbeautyparlour.com, or call us at 604-764-6452!

Stay tuned for the next post on more fun details on microbladed and powdered/ombré brows!

Cosmetic Microblading Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour Cosmetic Microblading Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour Cosmetic Microblading Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

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