Preparing your lashes for the changing seasons

Fall has officially arrived!! humid weather and not enough sun can definitely effect lash extension retention, this can be worrisome for clients! Keep reading to find out why the lashes shed when the seasons change.


The biological purpose of hair is to protect us from the sun but we sometimes forget we need to keep our hair protected as well, during the fall months hair sheds much faster than normal and in bigger groups. Sun provides vitamin D and vitamin D is essential to hair growth but during the winter moths vitamin D is not always easily found, meaning our bodies are not absorbing as much as usual and hair loss during this time is imminent.

Vitamin D:
Lack of vitamin D will cause slower lash growth as our bodies are working extra hard to grow hair because the vitamin D is being shared in the body to fight off colds and other common illnesses during this time. Don’t forget to consult a doctor before adding any extra supplements into your diet routine.

Lash shedding season only lasts about 3 weeks! Try taking vitamin D vitamins from your local pharmacy and don’t book longer than 2-3 weeks for your lash fills during the season. You can also use Intelliseal to help protect the bonds and strengthen your natural lashes, or if you would like to take a “lash break” during this time try out Eyenvy to help your lashes grow longer than ever!


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