The Original Makeup Eraser Now Available | Prép Beauty Parlour

Have you heard of a polyester cloth than can remove makeup with only water? That would be amazing right?! Well… Here it is! The Makeup Easer was founded in 2012 by three generations of woman who wanted better options for removing their makeup than chemical wipes.

Have eyelash extensions but still want to try it? Don’t worry, since it is a polyester blend there are no loops (like terry cloth) to pull your lashes out which makes this cloth LASH TECH APPROVED!


It removes any kind of makeup with just warm water and can last up to 1,000 washes, eliminating the need for makeup remover entirely. We bet you didn’t know each cloth is hand crafted with the finest polyester blend to ensure quality for all! The Makeup Eraser is available now in pink & black at Prép Beauty Parlour for $29.95!



Did you hear Prép Beauty Parlour is having a sale? 25% OFF The Makeup Eraser, Hurry while supplies last!

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