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Spring is coming so so close and we can almost feel it (Being in Vancouver and all..haha!)! So what does this mean? Lovely weather, flowers blooming, yes, yes, yes! But there’s also more! Perfect, breezy weather calls for tons of outdoor events and parties! Such as what you ask?

Grad and Prom! And tons of weddings! Oh!! We at Prép are so excited! Now what does the perfect spring/summer outfit call for? Besides the outfit of course! Something glittery and fun..shiny and long lasting..!! You know what it is! Spring NAILS! With warmer weather coming our way, getting gel mani pedis are a must! But with the numerous amount of nail salons filling all the streets of Vancouver, how do you know which one to go to?

Sculptured Gel Extensions Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Today we are going to be sharing some tips & tricks for spotting a hygienic, reputable, and pampering salon! Keep on reading to find out! 👀 👀

♥1- Check the Reviews!

With the influence of social media, everybody is already on their phones. You know what I mean! Browsing through their Twitter feed and digesting all that celebrity gossip. So why not use it as a way to navigate through all the nail salons, and find one that’s perfect for you? Although not always 100% accurate, many rating/review websites are excellent when it comes to hearing about other people’s experiences and knowing what they loved and didn’t love about their service. Check out Prép’s very own Yelp page! with over 130 reviews! You can also Check us out here for 10% off your next visit!

Best Nail Salon| Prép Beauty Parlour

Best Nail Salon| Prép Beauty Parlour

♥2- What’s at their Pedicure Stations?

A clean pedicure station at Prép consists of FRESHLY cleaned towels- We basically steam ours in the hot cab, in which the towels steamed and bacteria is killed prior to use. What about the nail essentials- buffers and files? At Prép we use disposable buffers and files, removing them after each use and then scrubbing the residual glue of the file off the metal “pedicure paddle”. After this we sanitize it in our ACCEL CS20 solution.

Now the actual pedicure bowls- how does that work? Prép can’t possibly get disposable metal cans! Instead we use disposable pedicure bowl liners and throw them away after each use. As for the metal bowl, we scrub and wipe it down with more of that ACCEL CS20 solution we love so much

Best Nail Salon| Prép Beauty Parlour

♥3-Are they sterile?

Especially for those who love getting pedicures, is everything sterile? Warning: The following content may contain facts on yucky fungus! Skip on to the next tip if you feel uncomfortable! Everybody’s heard of the “nightmare salon visit”, whether shared by a bestie or read about online. So exactly what makes this visit, well.. such a nightmare?

One simple word- Onychomycosis (on-i-ko-mi-KO-sis). AKA- Nail fungus!! Shivers!! One of the most common ways that ladies tend to contract such an ugly fungus, is by visiting yours AND mine’s favourite place- a nail salon!! If the manicurist or nail technician is not properly sanitizing and sterilizing their tools, get out!! At Prép Beauty Parlour hygiene and the wellbeing of our clients are our #1 priority! We work hard to make sure all of the clippers, metal cuticle pushers, and other cutting tools are properly sanitized in Barbicide (for hair and lash tools) as well as the dental grade Autoclave and ACCEL CS20 (for nail tools)!

Best Nail Salon| Prép Beauty Parlour

♥4- Personal Hygiene at the Salon

Since all the technicians are in such a close proximity to your skin- nail technicians and lash technicians should be concerned for their personal hygiene as well. Are they using a face mask to prevent any germs or bacteria from transferring during your lash nap and pedicure sessions? At Prép we make sure that everybody does! Besides wearing masks, nail technicians will also be sure to wear gloves during the pedicure session. Wearing gloves not only protects their hands from chemicals, but also dirt, bacteria, and germs.

Best Nail Salon| Prép Beauty Parlour


♥5- Social Media Collection of Works

At Prép, we love to showcase all of our work by all of our talented artists! If the salon you’re looking into does not have any photo evidence of their work- whether it be on Yelp or Facebook, how will you know that they fit your style and criteria? Definitely give our Instagram a little peek HERE– For all of our nail, makeup, and lash work!

Best Nail Salon| Prép Beauty Parlour


Do you have any more questions on picking the perfect salon? Or just curious to ask what we use at Prép? Definitely give us a call at 604-764-6452 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions! We believe that clients should know what is being used to ensure their total safety!

Prép Beauty Parlour is located at 1305 Burrard Street in beautiful downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in nails, eyelash extensions, waxing, massages, facials, event/bridal hair & makeup. We’d love to hear from you! Email inquiries to Call us at 604-764-6452. Check out our 5 Star Yelp page here! Don’t forget to follow and like our Instagram and Facebook pages!

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  • Thanks Valerie for tips! I’m going to get married for a month, so I need to have perfect nails for this event. Especially, I like how you mention requirements to hygiene like a face mask and gloves. Now I know what I expect to see in the nail technician on the working place.

  • Great list of nail salons in Vancouver, I really agree with tip number 1 (check the reviews), thanks!

  • Hiring professionals gives the better looks as they are the professionals and they know far better than us so it is not necessary to take the professional help but seldom on particular occasions you can hire them and looks even more beautiful. For choosing out the best salon you can collect all the information from the internet and also compare it in terms of price range and the services provided by them in that price.