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Last week we asked you lovely ladies if you wanted to see a review and our thoughts on some magnetic lashes! We were very lucky to have sent some from TOK Beauty to test out!

The magnetic lashes come in a pack of 4- both top & bottom for both eyes, or in double sets. They come in a beautiful packaging and have a magnet where the lashes reside on. The TOK Beauty website claim the magnetic lashes to be “user friendly, cruelty free and all natural” (TOK Beauty). So what are our thoughts? Let’s dive right in!

User Friendly” …

Well.. Not exactly. Although the lashes were a beautiful, wispy style, they were very difficult to apply because of how stiff the lashes were. We also found the lashes to be quite short and thus- didn’t fit completely on the eye (at least for our model!). We think that with more practice, we may be able master the art of applying these fun magnetic lashes!

Here are some photos!

Best Lash Extensions Prép Beauty Parlour Best Lash Extensions Prép Beauty Parlour Best Lash Extensions Prép Beauty Parlour

Overall, we think this is a fun a cool concept for those who don’t often put on a lot of makeup! Just slightly difficult to apply. Perhaps if we get more practice applying the lashes we can get them to look much more natural! For now- we’ll just stick to our lashes extensions!

Have you tried out these magnetic lashes? What are your thoughts?

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