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By June 22, 2019Prép Beauty Parlour, YUMI

Thinking about getting a Yumi lash lift and tint but don’t know if it’s going to be right for you? Here is everything you need to know about the Yumi lash lift and tint done at Prép Beauty Parlour in Vancouver.

The Yumi lash lift and tint works with your natural lashes to lift them and give a longer and more volumized look to your lashes. This does not mean that you need to already have long lashes to get a Yumi lash lift though! Ladies with shorter lashes can most definitely get a Yumi lash lift as well- it may just be on the more subtle side.

So what’s the process?

First, your technician will start with laying down gel pads.

Next, we use three different “sizes” of lifts- small, medium, and large. The smaller the silicone pad, the more dramatic the lift…

Pictured here is a YUMI lash lift in progress… all the lashes are now laid down on the silicone pad, and are lifting!





The lift also includes a complimentary lash tint- which can make all the difference especially for ladies with light blonde or brunette lashes! The tint paired with the lift brings out the true length in your natural lashes.







The entire Yumi lash lift and tint service takes about one hour and 15 minutes but better yet- results last 8-12 weeks!

Many ladies think that they need to already have long and thick lashes to get a Yumi lash lift and tint… but that is certainly not true! Ladies with shorter lashes also rock the lift.







Ladies with long and luxious lashes have AMAZING results after getting a Yumi lash lift! Some with darker lashes, choose not to get the tint to keep the appointment short and sweet. ♡ Take a look at the difference after a YUMI Lash Lift and tint for longer lashes!







So what about aftercare? After care for a Yumi lash lift is simple! You cannot get yours lashes wet for 24 hours (although 48 hours is recommended) but after that window- you are good to go! At the end of your service, you will be sent off with a little mascara brush… give your lashes a brush everyday!  Although optional, (but recommend) apply the YUMI Keratin Mascara twice daily to your lashes to keep them nourished, hydrated and healthy. The Keratin Mascara also prolongs the life of your lash lift, to maximize results! Feel free to continue with your normal makeup routine! Cut down time on your morning routine by waking up with beautiful lashes that are ready for the day!

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*Lift in Photo’s by Mika, Shayna, and Kiyomi*

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