Introducing HapaBomb products at Prép Beauty Parlour in Vancouver

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Introducing the HapaBomb kids (Formerly known as the Bath Bomb Kids), Emia, Aria and Kaia! Taking from their parents business skills, Jay and Mika (the owners of Prép Beauty Parlour) these two girls have started their bath bomb business when they were just 4 and 6 years old. Every pedicure is handmade with love using only natural ingredients!

If you’ve ever gotten a pedicure at Prép Beauty Parlour you’ve noticed that every pedicure gets a bath bomb… yes, these are one of the custom made, handmade bath bombs made from these little entrepreneurial girls!

Even better, the girls do custom orders and have 3 different sizes of bath bombs.

How much do they cost?

If you book a pedicure at Prép Beauty Parlour, a bath bomb is included in every service but to buy a bath bomb separately they cost $3.50 for small, $4.50 for medium and $5.50 for large!

Check out some of their creations…



The ICE BOMB – pedi bomb. This little blue beauty incorporates the traditional ingredients plus their essence of vanilla scent and the perfect little ice sprinkle finish (sugar crumbs).






SWEET ORANGE- with gold mica detail.








ROSÉ FLOWER BOMB – this bomb was created with their standards ingredients along with essence of rose oil and little piece of their favourite rose petal sprinkled in for the perfect finish!








    Multi coloured bombs!








THE BUBBLEGUM BOMB – Created with their standard recipe and ingredients as the foundation of this creation, we have added a vibrant pink pigment!







How do the girls color their bombs?

Using all natural mica powder!

and many many more bath bombs…. check out some of these photos! Keep scrolling for more information and to read about the newest bomb… the CBD bombs!

















Their base orders are:

♡ Lavender

♡ Apple

♡ Rose

♡ Orange

♡ Eucalyptus

♡ Tea Tree

♡ Vanilla

♡ Peach

Some benefits of eucalyptus oil:

High in antioxidants! What does this mean? There are certain antioxidants in eucalyptus that may reduce your risk for certain cancers, heart disease, and dementia.

It can relieve cold symptoms! How does it do this? Eucalyptus oil contains a compound called eucalyptol, which decreases nasal congestion, cough frequency and cold-related headaches.

It can treat dry skin!

Promotes relaxation… perfect for a relaxing pedicure.


What are CBD bath bombs?

♡ CBD bath bombs are like regular bath bombs, but they release CBD and essential oils. CBD bath bombs engage the CBD receptors through your skin, creating a relaxing experience.

What’s all the hype about?

♡ CBD bath bombs are a holistic approach to ultimate relaxation! It is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant that can provide pain relief and trigger the REM cycle for a restful sleep.

Can CBD bath bombs get you high?

♡ Nope! We don’t use intoxicating bath bombs.

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