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By November 17, 2019Prép Beauty Parlour

If you’ve been to Prép recently, you may have noticed our new serum up for grabs… introducing the Vantura Meileì lash serum!

What is it?

Vantura is an all-natural eyelash growth serum that makes your lashes fuller and longer. Not only is it all-natural, it is also vegan and cruelty free! They’re also a Vancouver local company 

Who is it for?

Vantura is perfect for use by everyone- weather you’re a devoted eyelash extension gal, get lash lifts, or don’t get your lashes done. Using it under your lash extensions will help your lashes to grow and get stronger and fuller underneath your lashes, meaning they will be picture perfect by the time you get your lashes taken off. Vantura is safe for eyelash extensions, so using it won’t alter the results of the extensions

If you LOVE yumi lash lifts, the Vantura growth serum is perfect for you as well… since the yumi lash lift and tint works with your natural lashes, using a growth serum means the longer and fuller your lashes will be. The longer and fuller your lashes are, the more amazing your lash lift results will be!

Or, if you’ve never gotten your lashes done, using Vantura will give you long, luscious, and full lashes without the help of extensions or a lift.

How do I use it?

For the best results, use the Vantura serum twice a day- once in the morning, and once at night. You’ll see full results in a short 6 weeks…

Better yet! Vantura has a 110% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Not satisfied with your lashes after 6 weeks of using the serum? You can return it to Vantura for your money back, guaranteed.

Vantura retails at Prép Beauty Parlour for $49… long, natural and full lashes without breaking the bank.

Check out this before and after photo of one of our nail technicians at Prép… check out her results!

Any questions? Feel free to pop by and visit us at our downtown Vancouver salon or give us a call at 604-764-6452 to check us out!

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