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Marble nails is a trend  we’ve noticed taking over Instagram every day! It just looks so classy yet simple. Today we have a variation of marble nail art that we would love to show, as well as the possibilities of art combinations you can do with marble art! Some of the art we have been experimenting involve a mixture of different nail art techniques!

One of the techniques we loved seeing on nails is adding a touch of gold to class it up! Gold flakes are the perfect last touch to add a bit of colour to your manicure. (They’re also super fun to add and watch dissolve onto the nail!). You can see how they look in photos 2 and 5! Another way to add gold or other colours onto your mani is by adding metallic striping tape! We used gold in both of the sets we show this, but marble nails also look amazing with other colour metallic foil striping tape- such as a baby pink or a teal-blue. This technique can be shown in photos 3 and 6.

One of our more popular requests for nail art would be black on white marble. The classic! In some of the photos below, we tried out using different colours and different “backdrop” colours to see how it looks. Photo #4 with white on a lighter pink, and photo #3 and 6 with white on pink- one with more opaque pink, and the other with a softer, more translucent pink.

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