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Best Royal Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour

Best Royal Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour


Introducing Royal Lashes, now being offered at Prép Beauty Parlour…  experience a new way to wear eyelash extensions elegantly.

Softer, stronger, and lighter than conventional lashes, Royal Lashes allow the appearance of a voluminous look brought on by popular lash style Russian Volume, yet it carries the same weightless and delicacy of our Classic lashes.

Conventional Classic lashes are done by applying one synthetic mink lash to one natural lash. Often giving a very natural effect. For those wanting a more extravagant set, Prép Beauty Parlour also offers Russian Volume sets. Russian Volume lashes can have up to 5 lashes attached to each natural lash and can create a glamorously dramatic look. Royal lashes are the perfect in- between option for clients wanting a mix of the two styles.

Royal Lashes are made with a specific concave edges, giving them an ellipse shape. The shape of the concave surface allows the Royal Lash to enables it’s ability to embrace the natural lash. Due to the natural thickness of the flat lashes, the lashes will create the appearance of 0.20 mm lashes when only the 0.15 mm lashes are applied. With an increased bonding area as compared to conventional lashes, lash adhesive can easily settle in, embracing the natural lash, guaranteeing an smooth application and ensuring it’s security. With the specific shape, Royal Lashes prevent common twisting of the lash, guaranteeing the life length of extensions.


Best Royal Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour

The increased surface area of the royal lash are ideal for Prép ladies with very straight, weak, and thin natural lashes, but are wanting a more dramatic curl. This is a fabulous alternative for those who worry about the thickness causing a concern about the weight. Royal Lashes are weightless on the bottom, allowing them to easily adhere on even the thinnest of natural lashes.


Photo Courtesy of Bella Lash


Photo Courtesy of Bella Lash

Best Royal Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour


♔Eyelash Extensions Care♔

♔DO- Brush your fabulous lashes everyday with a clean mascara wand                                                                                         (If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Your Prép will be sure to give you your lash care package!)

♔DO- Oil- Free Make-Up wipes to clean around your eyes! Prép does not recommend applying anything directly onto eye!

♔DO- Use Belvada or Bella Lash Volume Touch mascaras for eyelash extensions, Available at Prép! 

♔DO-Use Bella Lash Oil- free Protein Remover and primer when removing eyeliner from your eyes! Available at Prép!

♔DO-Use only NON-WATERPROOF LIQUID eyeliner or baked eyeshadows!

♔DO- Let us know your concerns! Just give us a call or text at 604-764-6452


♔DONTS- Rub your eyes viscously- It can cause lash fall out, irritation, and even damage to natural eyelashes

♔DONTS- Tug or twist lash extensions! It can be painful and will damage natural eyelashes!

♔DONTS- Use gel eyeliner or pencil eyeliners as they both almost always contain oils to allow them to glide smoothly!

♔DONTS- Use OIL REMOVERS or baby shampoo- Anything substance containing oil will loosen the lash bond and shorten your lash life! Baby shampoo is known to damage lashes– Read more here!

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