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Hey babes! We have a brand new feature on our Prép Beauty Parlour blog… staff features! Our first feature will be for our amazing boss lady, and the director of beauty: Mika!

Mika, the owner of Prép Beauty Parlour, began her journey in the beauty industry in 2001 when she attended Blanche MacDonald for their makeup program and returned in 2005 to complete the aesthetics program.

Before Prép Beauty Parlour, Mika worked in a salon (which she actually got fired from…). One of her very first jobs was working for a Vancouver fishery, where her role was to get salmon and take out their eggs. Needless to say, she has accomplished so much, and gained so much success since 2005.

Eventually, Mika decided she wanted a change so she decided to move to Vancouver, from Port Coquitlam, and began working in a real estate office as the front desk manager. This real estate office is where she met Jay, her husband and business partner. “I met him on the first day… fell in love with him immediately and thought- I’m going to marry this man… had I not been fired, I wouldn’t have met Jay and I wouldn’t have the life I have now.” 

“Once we got together, he pushed me to do what I loved and helped me 100% open up the first Prép Beauty Parlour that was located at Hornby and Nelson, in beautiful downtown Vancouver.”

In 2010, The Studio by Mika Does Makeup (soon to be known as Prép Beauty Parlour) first opened its doors. At the time, Mika began The Studio with only two employees. Flash forward to nine years later, she currently employees over twenty staff, and private contractors. 

Not only is Mika is the owner/director of Prép Beauty Parlour in Downtown Vancouver and an extremely talented makeup artist… starting in in 2017, she started specializing in Yumi Lash Lifts and does up to 5 lash lifts per day.

“I love making people feel good about themselves and giving them confidence. Doing Yumi Lash lifts comes naturally to me and I can do it in my sleep… same goes for makeup.”

“I am so proud of the staff that we have had over the years (past and current.) I have met so many wonderful people over the past nine years… I love creating a work place for young ladies where they are free to be themselves and can be creative while at work, and essentially be their own boss.”

From grad makeup, bridal makeup to Yumi lash lifts, Mika is the best at what she does. 

Check out a couple makeup looks that Mika has done at Prép Beauty Parlour throughout the years…

Vancouver's Best Prép Beauty ParlourProject You Bachelorette Spa Vancouver Party | Prép Beauty Parlour









Behind the scenes..









And of course! Check out some Yumi Lash Lift and Tint’s done at Prép Beauty Parlour by Mika

Best Vancouver Yumi Lash Lift | Prép Beauty Parlour 3Best Vancouver Yumi Lash Lift | Prép Beauty Parlour 3









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