Vancouver’s Best: Sculpted Gel Extensions At Prép Beauty Parlour

Sculptured Gel Extensions| Prép Beauty Parlour

Tired of your regular classic polish manicure? Dreaming of elongated, perfectly lacquered nails? Why not visit one of Vancouver’s top nail salons, Prép Beauty Parlour, for a relaxing and fun new set of sculpted gel extensions?! Read more to learn why gel extensions are going to be your new obsession.

Before gel extensions were popular, the raging nail trend must have was acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are made by using a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer, which is applied to the top of the nails and then hardens when exposed to air. While acrylic nails are still widely popular, the newer and ultimately better for you option, is gel extensions.

Gel extensions are applied in 3 steps. After the nails are filed and buffed, a base coat is applied. From there, a thick, malleable sculpting gel is spread over top of the nail and can also be used to create an extension off the nail. The gel is spread around the nail evenly, creating a smooth canvas for colouring. Instead of exposing the gel to air, the nails are placed under a UV light for 2-3 minutes. After the gel is cured (fully hardened) the nails can be filed and shaped and then colour can be applied. The process ends with a top coat that also is placed under UV light to cure, and finished by a quick swipe of alcohol to remove the tacky surface left behind from the top coat.

While both are great options for extensions, there is no denying the clear differences. Acrylic nails tend to seep through the nail bed, which can be dangerous and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Gel extensions sit on top of the nail bed and cause the least damage to the nail bed. The polymer used in acrylics is also extremely bad for inhalation, and is not recommended for use in areas without proper ventilation. Although gel extensions also use a chemical process to bond to the nail, acrylic nails are made up of stronger chemicals and produce more potent fumes. Gel extensions do not give off any fumes, and are considered an eco-friendlie option. Acrylic nails are not recommended for women pregnant or nursing, whereas gel extensions can be applied no matter if you are with child or without.

Try Them Out For Yourself!

Call us today to find out when you can get your new set of beautiful hand sculpted gel extensions by our resident Gel Extension Expert, Haya! Haya is Akzentz certified and can recreate almost any nail design you can dream!
Currently, we offer gel extensions at Prép done by Haya. We do not offer acrylic nails as of now.

New Full Set Gel Extensions – $75
Gel Extension Fill – $45
Gel Extension Removal – $20
Add Nail Art – $5+
Add French – $10
Add Express Pedicure – $35
(See nail art here!)

Nail Care:
Having extensions doesn’t mean you don’t need to still take care of your natural nails! Nail health is almost more important after you apply extensions to the nails. Be sure to clean underneath, on top, and the skin surrounding your nails with a nail brush and gentle antibacterial soap daily to keep bacteria to a minimum. Because they have been exposed to chemicals, over time the nail bed will soften. It is important to take a break, every year or so, to let your natural nails breathe and grow. As extensions grow out, they also detach from the nail bed and that’s where you can accumulate a major fungal or bacterial infection; make sure you are scheduling fills according to the time it takes your nails to grow out. Broken nails can also be a hazard for bacteria growth, so if you do break a nail, try to schedule an appointment with your certified nail technician right away.

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