Brow lamination… a beauty trend that originally came from the UK but has taken over western social media! You must of come across it at some point on your instagram explore page, but what actually is it and how does it work?

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination uses your natural brows to lift them and smoothes them in a vertical direction… if you have any gaps or thinning in your brows, this takes care of it! It grooms them in one direction so you can wake up with beautiful brows that you don’t need to fill in. For blonder ladies, pair this off with a tint and you will be all ready to go!

This client is showing off her transformation after her brow lamination and a yumi lash lift! She almost looks like a different person right? Eyes and brows both are important features on your face… beauty guru’s say that brows shape your face so with the perfect brows you will be all set. To read more about the Yumi lash lift and tint click here 

What materials do you use?

Just like there are many different brands of lash lifts, there are many brands that you can use for brow laminating. At Prép we use the YUMI brand lift… so what does this mean? YUMI is a European brand and has the least amount of harsh chemicals and is the healthiest for both your lashes and brows… lifts also last longer with YUMI! ♡

Who can get their brow’s laminated?

A brow lamination can be fit for anybody! Weather you want to hide some gaps or thinning brows or make your brows look thicker or if you just want to wake up to perfectly groomed brows! Brow lamination can be a fit for you.

How long does brow laminating take?

About an hour! With results lasting 4-8 weeks ♡

Weather it is thinning brows, gaps in your brows, or you just want your brows to look more lifted and fuller without committing to other more permanent services like micro blading, brow lamination may work for you!

Check out this video of Shayna demonstrating the step to step process of how brow lamination works:

Click here to watch

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