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Thinking about getting lash extensions? Save time in the mornings and achieve an effortless mascara look or a dramatic volume look with no hassle… but which set is right for you? From classic, royal, mixed, to volume sets- the terminology can get confusing… there is loads of flexibility in different looks you can achieve with each set! Keep reading to find out which set is right for you.

Classic lashes 

Classic eyelash extensions are one of our most popular sets. The most natural of the lash extensions, you can achieve a cute and light look using classics. Classic lashes a “1:1 ratio” meaning that one lash extension is applied per one natural lash… so it doubles the amount of lashes you currently have. For example, if you currently have 50 natural lashes, after a classic set of lashes you will have 100. With that being said, since one extension is applied per one natural lash, how full a classic set will look depends on your current lashes!

Better yet! Within each set of lashes, comes lots of flexibility with different shapes and lengths.  your lash technician will consult with you to create the shape and length you love. Classic lashes are perfect for ladies looking for a more natural or medium effect look.

Royal (flat) lashes

Royal or “flat” lashes are similar to classic lashes- they also have a 1:1 ratio. The difference, is the the shape of the royal lash is flat or concave. Because of the shape, a royal set of lashes will give the illusion that your lashes have more volume, without adding on the extra weight.

Royal lashes are perfect for ladies who would like a bit more volume than a classic set of lash extensions, but not quite wanting a hybrid or full volume set.

Classic x Volume Mixed sets (Hybrid lashes)

The next “level-up” in terms of volume are mixed or hybrid lash extensions. These lashes are a mix between 3-D and 1:1 lashes. The mix between classic and volume lashes leave you with a fuller, more glamorous look.

Mixed or hybrid sets are perfect for those who want more volume than a classic or royal set could give them, but aren’t quite ready for a full volume!


Volume lashes

Volume lashes! Fans vary between 3-D to 6-D… leaving you with full lashes. Volume lashes create a full look, but are also very lightweight- leaving you with a soft and fluffy result.

We love all these sets! From soft and natural, to long & volume, you can’t go wrong with a set of lashes. 

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