Working Out With Lash Extensions

Working out is essential to keeping healthy whether you lift, swim or dance it’s always a bonus to look amazing while exercising. Lash extensions keep you looking flawless while getting your swim on but all of that sweat can damage your lashes, here is a few tips to keep your lashes looking on point!



Water Damage:
Our master lash technicians will tell you to avoid showering and washing your face for at least 24 hours (which includes steam rooms), well… The same rules apply for sweat. Sweating during the first 24 hours can make the lash bonds very week, which means you will be back for a fill sooner than you wanted to be.

Shield Your lashes:
Seal your lashes with Intelliseal Lash Sealer (sold at Prép Beauty Parlour), sealing your lashes is very important if you plan on swimming, doing hot yoga, spin class or traveling to any humid places with your lash extensions. Intelliseal creates a shield between your lashes and any type of water or sweat.

After any kind of exercise make sure to cleanse your lashes to protect them from bacteria and sebum build up, any kind of build up can create infections as well as break down the adhesive to your lash extensions. Facenvy is a paragon free cleansing gel that will remove make-up, dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. Facenvy is safe for extensions and highly recommended by professional lash techs around the world!

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