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Our YUMI Lash Lift & Tint service is a great alternative to strip eyelashes and the classic- eyelash extensions. It’s low-maintenance, lasts 8-12+ weeks, and allows you to apply as much eye makeup as you please! Today we’ll take a look at the wonders the lift can do for people with different eye shapes!

Now it is important to understand exactly what the YUMI lash lift is. Quite simply, it is a lift of your natural lashes. This is done through a relaxing beauty nap where a series of lotions and oils over a silicon rod on your eyelid, with your lashes placed on top (Psst, you can read more about that here where we go in depth about the process!).

If you’re used to extensions or wearing strip lashes, this might be quite a different experience for you. First- it does not add any length to your lashes, as a lash enhancement service, your natural lashes are put to work! However, it is possible for some clients to notice extra length if they are blonde or brunette, and have brunette lashes with light-blonde tips, the little tint at the end of your service helps darken your lashes and thus, creates the illusion of longer lashes!

Yumi Lash Lifts are a great alternative if you are taking a break from extensions, or just want to try something new! Let’s dive into transitions after the lash lift with clients who have different shaped eyes!

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For this client, she noticed an extremely dramatic difference after the lash lift! In the before photo (top), it was clear she had very long, natural lashes, but due to the weight of the lashes, it was downturned and didn’t reflect how amazing they were! The lift helped her keep them up and all without the use of a curler!

This next client also has the same eye shape, however rather than downturned lashes, she has natural unruly and curly lashes. The lash lift (ironically), straightens and corrects her lashes so they are not curly and “criss crossed” but instead, lifted up and away from the eyes, showing their length!


Best Vancouver Yumi Lash Lift | Prép Beauty Parlour 3


Best Vancouver Yumi Lash Lift | Prép Beauty Parlour 3With hooded- eyes, there is an extra layer of skin that sits on top of the crease, this may lead to an illusion of smaller lids as part of it may “disappear”. The YUMI lash lift helps combat this by really lifting your lashes up and above the crease, opening and widening your eyes.


Best Vancouver Yumi Lash Lift | Prép Beauty Parlour 3

Monolid is exactly its name, there is no visible crease, similar to hooded eyes, it leads to the illusion of smaller lid space. The lift helps to lift the lashes to create an eye-opening look!

Ready to book your YUMI Lash Lift? Click HERE to book online through MindBody or through the MindBody app, right on your phone!

or read more about the YUMI Lash Lift right HERE!

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