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The YUMI lash lift and tint trend hit 2018 like a train! More ladies are opting for the miraculous lash lift service that lifts and darkens your natural lashes- giving the illusion of added length. All without having to worry about coming in for lash fills and other maintenance. Due to its popularity, we receive many questions about this comparably new lash service, and have put together the perfect guide before you book, YUMI Lash Lift: Is it right for me?

You have luscious and long natural lashes

The YUMI lash lift does an amazing job of giving the eye that extra pop even without the use of mascara and strip lashes. But like everything, it isn’t for everyone. This lash alternative only uses your natural lashes, no extra length or volume, meaning the length of your natural lashes are the extent to how long your lashes will look after the curl, we included a few photos to illustrate the different outcomes to help you decide. Keep scrolling to do your own “test” before you book your appointment!

Do your lashes pass the curl test?

If you are unsure whether your natural lashes would suit a lash lift, we like to ask clients to do a quick test at home before they book their appointment. It’s as simple as curling your lashes with a regular eyelash curler, and seeing how you like the look of your lashes. It is also important to note that your lashes may fall throughout the day using a curler, but will stay curled after the lash lift appointment.

Are you an avid make-up wearer?

The lash lift is a great alternative to lash extensions, but if you are a lover of strip lashes or dramatic volume lash sets, lash extensions may be a better option for you. However, if you wear light makeup- maybe just eyeliner and a dab of mascara, the lash lift looks great and really speeds up the get- ready process in the early mornings. Unlike lash extensions, the Yumi lash lift lifts only your natural lashes, meaning you don’t have to worry about using oil- free products, lash fall out, or having to do gymnastics just to remove makeup without disrupting your lashes. After the 48 hour setting period, you are free to wet your lashes and apply makeup as you normally would without it affecting the longevity of the lift!

Do you plan on getting lash extensions in the near future? 

What’s great about the lash lift, is its long life span of anywhere from 6-8+ weeks (Depending on the length of your own lashes and your lash cycle), and while it lasts a long time, many people may wish to get extensions very soon after their lift appointment. It is important to know that lash extensions cannot be applied within this 8 week period as your natural lashes are too curly to apply extensions.

Will you be getting the lash lift every 6-8 weeks?

Getting a lash lift is a lot like getting your hair permed.. but on a much smaller level. And just like your hair and cuticles, moisture is key to maintaining lashes. If you plan on getting the lash lift treatment done frequently, we recommend the a keratin nourishing oil/lotion we carry to be in your lash health’s best interest. With keratin in the formula, think of it as a building blocks that build and strengthen all the hairs on your body, including your lashes. This can be applied every night before bed or in the morning before your eye makeup routine 48 hours after your initial procedure.

Any more questions?

We hope to have helped you clear your concerns about the lash lift, and to help better understand who this treatment best benefits! For more information on the actual process of the YUMI lash lift, click here!

For more photos, click to take a closer look at YUMI lashes through our YUMI specific Instagram page!

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  • Deborah says:

    I’m concerned that everyone’s eyes are bloodshot in the after pictures why is this?

    • Tina says:

      Hi Deborah,

      It is typically because of the tint. However, many of our client’s eyes are red before we start too!

      Please let us know if you have anymore questions!

  • Rachel says:

    I have sensitive eyes and skin would you recommend me this treatment? What exactly is the tint made from?

    • Tina says:

      Hi Rachel! Yes, the Yumi Lash Lift treatment is fine for ladies with sensitive eyes/skin or allergies, since it never touches your skin (unlike glue from extensions would).

      The ingredients in the tint are: aqua, cetearyl alcohol, p-phenylenediamine, sodium, cetearyl sulphate, sodium laureate sulphate. If you are sensitive to anything in the tint, you can definitely get the Yumi without it.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, more than happy to help!