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We say this all the time- the better you care for your lashes, the longer they’ll last! Of course, there are other factors that come to affect the longevity of your lashes. Such as the change in weather, natural lash at the end of its cycle and shedding, or the use of makeup. Some of these are inevitable. So we should learn to care for our lashes the best to our abilities! Let’s dive into how!

Best Lash Extensions Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Lash Cleansing 

  • Properly cleansing your lashes at least twice a day is essential to keeping your lashes healthy and long-lasting. You might be thinking… hmm wouldn’t it cause my lashes to fall out if I am cleansing them? The answer is no! The adhesive used is water proof! As long as you are gentle and using an OIL- Free cleanser, (see which one we recommend here!) It should leave your lashes looking clean and fresh! Not cleaning lashes leads to build up (especially if you’re a make up wearer! Which then puts extra weight on your natural lashes and cause fall out/ damage).

Best Lash Extensions Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Stop Getting So Many Fills!

  • We see a lot of clients regularly coming in every 2-3 weeks for fills, which is perfect for keeping lashes looking fluffy and full! But it is also easier for the lashes to fall out faster after their 3rd or so fill. We recommend you come in for a full set followed by 2 fills, and then getting a removal and starting over with a fresh new set! This way the lashes aren’t in different “cycles”.

Best Lash Extensions Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

No Mascara or False Strip Lashes! 

  • Mascara and falsies are perfect for a night out, they’re super fluffy, long, and just look so darn good! But! Mascara and false strip lashes are the mortal enemies of lash extensions. Not only do they put on extra weight on the lash extensions, but they can also damage the natural lashes very badly when being removed. However- there is a way around it! Extension safe mascara! (Check out our favourite go- to mascara here!) Extension safe mascara is lightweight and easy to remove. Making sure you don’t have to aggressively rub to remove ALL the product!
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