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Best Russian Volume 3D Lashes Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour


Eyelash extensions have been all the rave all year, and is definitely on our Summer #MUST-HAVE list! They’re amazing for the hot weather, where you can enjoy the nice summer breeze on the beaches of Kitsilano, and go swimming all you want at English Bay! (Click here to read more about showing some summer lash love!). For the glam ladies who love a full, voluminous look, today’s topic is just for you! For starters, there are many types of styles, classics, royals, and the ones that are constantly trending on Insta– Russian Volume sets! Keep reading to read about our special July promotion for you ladies to enjoy this summer!

Best Russian Volume 3D Lashes Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

There are so many gorgeous pictures and #lashinspo all over multiple social media outlets- and if you’re like us and like to go crazy and read all about them, you’re at the right place!

With so many choices and lash extension specialists in Vancouver, how do you know what to look for when picking your new lash bae?

Particularly with getting volume lashes, one must be very careful when picking and making sure you’re with a certified technician. Don’t be fooled by the photos! Although some may look very appealing, it can be in fact, very damaging for your natural lashes! Here are several things to look for when browsing through their Yelp photos!


  • Check the amount of time they are taking for a full set of Russian Volume lashes.

At Prép, a full Russian Volume 3-D set means that 3 synthetic lashes are carefully crafted by your Prép technician. This service can take up to 3 hours and if not, even more! If the amount of time they have you booked in for a Russian Volume 3D Full set is approximately 1-2 hours, then there is a possibility that they are using pre-made, store bought clusters on your lashes! Read more below!

Best Russian Volume 3D Lashes Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

So what is the difference between volume lashes and cluster lashes ?

Cluster lashes are perfect for a one night makeup look, since they blend in perfectly and are super comfortable to wear! However, if applied the same way lash extensions are, they can cause significant damage on your natural lashes! Since cluster lashes already have glue on the bottom holding the other lashes together, if placed on ONE of your natural lashes, it will be too heavy! If they are place over multiple natural lashes, they can be very painful! As all of your natural lashes grow at a different rate, applying a heavy cluster lash on top will cause your natural lashes to tug on each other. With repeated use of cluster lashes being on your natural lashes, your natural lashes will begin to have balding patches that will take forever (and we mean forever, to grow back!)

  • 2 Look at their photos! No photos? No excuses! It is super important that you are able to look at the lashes up close for anything that might be a red flag! For example? Look at the base to check if they are using pre-made fans, or if they are hand made, true Russian Volume lash fans! Examples below!
Best Russian Volume 3D Lashes Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour


Pictured above: Example of “Russian Volume Lashes” not done by Prép Beauty Parlour!

Several things are major warning signs for these lashes!

1- You can clearly tell these are pre-made, store bought clusters from the way they are lumpy at the bottom of the lashes. Notice how the clump is on several very thin natural lashes? Shiver!!

2 & 4- Not only do we see the overuse of lash glue on these lashes, but also the fact they are on the eyelid, directly on the skin! Lashes should never be applied on the skin! This can cause severe irritation. The lashes will damage the natural lashes underneath if it starts to grow and pull away from other lashes!

3- If the picture of the Russian Volume lashes have lashes as thick as these, stray away! Think about it this way, the weight of 3(sometimes up to 8D!) lashes should be equivalent to those of 1 classic lash! If a volume set is being built with so many thick lashes, it will be too heavy for the natural lashes to endure! Meaning more lash fall out!!

Best Russian Volume 3D Lashes Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour


Got anymore questions about picking your new volume lash specialist? Give us a call at 604-764-6452! We would love to answer all of your questions for you! To book an appointment online, click HERE!

Now for our special JULY offer, book with Gillian for any Volume sets (Mixed or Full Russian), for $50 off!

*Offer not available online, please call to book*

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