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It’s that time again where everybody is resorting to our favourite summer beauty essential- Lash Extensions! Why? It’s low maintenance, looks great, and semi- permanent! No more frazzled late mornings, or worrying about that mascara dripping down your face during those yoga sessions in Yaletown (Disclaimer! Remember to wait a full 48 hours for your lash glue to cure before you do activities that will allow water to touch your face!)

Now last week we talked about what to look for when looking for a new lash stylist, (we can help you with that! Treat yourself to a set of Russian Lashes when booking with Gillian for $50.00 off! Valid until July 31st! Offer available via phone and in store only.) We discussed the dangers of cluster lashes, and what a true set of Russian Volume lashes really mean! Today we will be going over the several types of lash extensions that Prép offers!

Currently, we offer 4 main types of lash extensions which we found are very loved by Vancouverites!

Full Russian Volume, Mixed Russian & Classic, Royal Full Set, and our most popular – Classic Full Sets!

Confused on all the different names? Keep reading to look and read about the differences!

Best Classic Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour

1- Everybody’s go-to, our famous Classic Full Set

Classic Sets are the stepping stones to bigger and better lashes! They can range from looking glamorous, to short & sweet! There are many different lash styles that can be achieved with these sets, (click here to read more about our styles!). A set of lashes are considered to be classic when your lash technician isolates each one of your natural lashes, and glues a synthetic lash on top! The only exception is sometimes your lash technician may purposely not apply a lash to a natural lash. This be because lashes all grown at all different speeds and cycles, so we have some baby and some full grown lashes!  Sizes of the synthetic can range from natural, to full touching-my-eyebrow length. However, although these long lashes might look gorgeous, they can be very damaging to your natural lashes if they are more than 2-3mm longer. Lashes that are too long can be too heavy for your natural lashes!

Best Royal Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour

2- Royal Full Sets / Ellipse Lashes / Flat Lashes

Similarly to Classic sets, Royal sets are again, applied individually- one synthetic to one natural. The only difference is the shape of royal lashes are flat, thus they create a thicker, darker look. You might be thinking; Wouldn’t this mean, I would have to go shorter, because they are thicker? The answer? Nope! In fact, the flat lashes are actually lighter! Yup! This means you can go beyond the 2-3mm and get longer, more lush, lashes! Why choose flat lashes? Because of the way they are shaped, these lashes are designed for people who have A, sparse lashes, and B, people with shorter lashes. As mentioned, it gives a set of lashes the perfect darkness and thickness that replaces mascara completely! The flatness definitely amps up the voluminous look that so many of us with sparse lashes crave!  The curved/flat style of the lash allows it to sit more comfortably on the natural lash, allowing the glue to seep through, giving the lashes a better hold, and better longevity! To read more about our royal lashes, click here!

Best Mixed Russian and Classic Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour

3- Mixed Russian & Classic Full Set

Russian Volume sets are super popular due to their fluffiness and the look of lavish lashes without needing to have an abundance of natural lashes. But for those who want the same fluffiness without all the drama, Mixed Russian & Classic Sets are the epitome of ‘fluffy & natural’ lashes! This set consists of classic lashes, and fans. Fans are the 2D/3D/4D that comes after the names of every volume set (ie: Russian Volume 2D). The number is essentially the amount of lashes per fan! Check below:

Best Russian Volume 3D Lashes Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Best Russian Volume Full Set Eyelash Extensions Vancouver |Prép Beauty Parlour

4- Full Russian Volume Full Set

Russian Volume full sets mean that every single individual lash has a fan glued on. Any volume set is perfect for people who have sparse lashes as it adds the appearance of more lashes! They appear less thick than royals and classics because the weight of 1 fan (Whether it be composed of 2-5+ lashes), is essentially the same weight of 1 classic or 1 royal lash. For people who prefer thicker, mascara looking lashes, royal and classic lashes are the way to go! Russian lashes appear very fluffy and can appear very natural.

That’s it! These are all the lash styles that Prép has to offer! Have any more questions? Don’ hesitate to contact us!

To book online, click this link right over HERE!!

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