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By April 12, 2017YUMI
Vancouver Lash Lift for Men | Prép Beauty Parlour

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With eyelash extension and false strip lashes trends blowing up nearly all of 2016, people are looking for better ways to enhance the look of their lashes! Some people love the all-glam, dramatic set of MINK lashes. While others steer clear of glam and settle for a set of natural, wispy set of strips or just mascaras such as the L’ oreal Telescopic– mascaras that elongate lashes. For those who prefer more of a semi-permanent solution, lash extensions, (click HERE and HERE to read more!), would be the way to go.

Vancouver Lash Lift for Men | Prép Beauty ParlourNow there are also many people who are naturally #BLESSED with long and luscious lashes, who might want to opt for an option that brings out the best in their own lashes. So here we talk about lash lifts, both our regular lifts AND YUMI lash lifts again!

A “LASH LIFT” is the best quick and painless way to semi-permanently curl your natural lashes! Wear less makeup, and just add mascara if you want to thicken up! No need for eyelash extensions but can always add extensions for the extra boost of volume if you like!

Lately at Prép, we have been receiving calls from a lot of men who ask if we have a solution to their long, but straight, pointing down lashes. and yes! As long as you have eyelashes, a lash lift– regular or YUMI, can be performed! Great! Lash lift works on everybody! Intimidated or intrigued? Don’t be! Allow us explain the easy and absolutely painless process of lash lifts really quick!

Vancouver Lash Lift for Men | Prép Beauty ParlourSimilar to the prép steps for eyelash extensions, a gel pad is laid onto the bottom baby lashes. Now to find the perfect curl and curve of the lashes, we use structured and curved silicon pads that are placed on the eyelid. These curved pads come in ton of different sizes and slopes to create different lash curl looks. This is similar to the different curls of eyelash extensions we offer (B, D, C, etc). The larger the raise on the silicon pad– the larger the curve of the lashes, meaning that if you go for a smaller raised bump on the pad, you will have more lift. 

Vancouver Lash Lift for Men | Prép Beauty ParlourYour Prép technician will carefully observe and select the correct size so you leave with the look you desire! Gently lifting the top lashes,  we adhere the lashes to the curve of the pad.  After the lashes are adhered to the curve, your Prép technician will then apply a perm gel as well as setting or top gel so your lashes stay freshly curled for 4-6 weeks! (Time will vary depending on your own lashes, weather conditions, etc).


Want to read more about our YUMI lash lift? Click HERE! 

♡Lash Lift only for $75   or   Lash Lift & Tint for $90!♡

♡YUMI Lash Lift & Tint for  $135 (Reg. $150!)♡

These prices are Prép’s Grand Opening Special of and are only available until May 31st, so book fast!

You can call OR text us at 604-764-6452 to book!

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